Sanshant Aerofly Services

Sanshant Aerofly Services is one of the fastest growing helicopter and aircraft charter company based in New Delhi. SANSHANT AEROFLY SERVICES started it’s journey in the year 2017 to start a helhicopter service for bollywood celebrity & movie shooting.

SAS offers global aircraft services unlike any other company in business aviation. With unparalleled experience flying in to and out of the hardest to reach destinations, Sanshant Aerofly Services has arranged for heads of state, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and private individuals to fly to over 187 countries worldwide. Every flight is tailored to ensure seamless travel with maximum efficiency so customers can be in more meetings or locations within the shortest period of time. SAS makes its entire fleet of over smaller to larger business jets available to customers with guaranteed availability, no asset risk or positioning costs for Program customers. SAS connects enterprises to growth markets with a unique product, offering global access on Challenger and Global jets, all suited to flight duration, trip purpose and passenger requirements. Simple, Efficient, Reliable, Global; this is what we stand for, and what we do best. From major blue chip companies to fast growing and dynamic businesses we provide air travel certainty required to support their success. With one of the most diversified private aircraft fleet in the country we not just represent luxury and comfort but we also boast of a flawless safety record.

Our customers are our biggest priority. We pay attention to every minute detail and make sure that every passenger returns back with lifetime memories.