International Ambulance

International Ambulance

We provide the following International medical transfer services to and from India:

SAS Air Ambulance transportation–If the patient is critically ill to travel commercially, we can provide a private medical flight that includes ongoing medical treatment and full bedside-to-bedside assistance.

SAS Air Ambulance Service With Medical Escort Medical escorts–This a non-emergency medical service provides with a critical care nurse who handle critical situations will accompany the patient in first / business class on a commercial flight and provide any necessary medical equipment and care, such as wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, and medication administration. we provide commercial flight stretcher service along with SAS Air Ambulance International commercial stretchers–For the patients who need expert medical care in a more cost effective manner with stretcher equipment on an international flight, SAS Air Ambulance Worldwide can arrange for all necessary accommodations, and a nurse or doctor will accompany the patient throughout the duration of the journey No matter what medical air transport service you may require, Team SAS medical transfer services are here to assist you 24/7

SAS Air Ambulance Services

SAS Private Air Ambulance

When you are traveling around the world, the last thing you want to happen is a medical emergency. Depending on where you are, modern medical care may be hard to come by. This is where SAS Air Ambulance can help. We offer SAS Air Ambulance solutions to help get you home or to a medical facility better equipped to care for you. Find help for everything from minor accidents to intensive medical trauma.

Internationally Accredited And Certified Air Ambulance

SAS Air Ambulance works with internationally licensed SAS Air Ambulance operators and provides internationally accredited and certified SAS Air Ambulance Services and team which are certified by Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) or Eurami through our network of licensed operators. We offer 24×7 services, across 195 countries in SAS Air Ambulance installed with most modern high-tech equipment. We offer a large fleet that includes single-engine flights, twin-engine flights, turbo prop, helicopter, seaplane, and jets. Based on the situation or terrain, we will assign the right mode of transport. Additionally, SAS Air Ambulance provides VIP services with ICU-equipped Challenger Aircraft.

SAS Air Ambulance’s team manages all aspects of the medical transfer process by coordinating with the patient’s physician, departing and receiving facilities and insurance provider. Our experienced flight crews and our 24/7 communication center provide updates time to time.

We provide seamless bed-to-bed medical transportation and can link ground and SAS Air Ambulance services, ensuring continuity of care. Our medical coordinator will consult with the patient’s physician to determine “fit-to-fly” status, the departing and receiving facility to reserve a bed, and the patient’s insurance or healthcare provider to confirm coverage and obtain prior transport authorization.

Medical Repatriation

SAS Air Ambulance also provides medical repatriation services to families, hospitals, and corporates. Whether transferring a patient across the country or world, relocating a sick elderly parent, or evacuating a sick employee. SAS Air Ambulance will take care of all your medical repatriation needs. For a family member, it is quite stressful to travel and deal with a sick or injured loved one. We comprehend these challenges, and offers affordable and compassionate care to get your loved one where they need to go.

As a Case Manager in hospitals, if your patient needs a medical transfer to go to another city/country for treatment, or back to home country, we can help. Our team will make the most complex and critical case simple.

For corporate needing to move a sick or injured employee, or an international travel insurance company in need of medical escort services, SAS Air Ambulance will take care of it.

Pediatric and Neonatal SAS Air Ambulance Transfers

SAS Air Ambulance offers the finest services for the smallest and youngest patients. Our dedicated and specialized neonatal team consisting of neonatal nurse and respiratory therapist provide uttermost care to premature babies and those with congenital cardiac defects. Based on the critical care, paramedics, nurse practitioners or physicians with experience in neonatal, perinatal, and pediatric intensive care accompany the patient.

When neonates need a transfer to a specialized facility for a major operation, procedure or evaluation, they are transferred via neonatal air ambulance. However, it can be used for neonatal and pediatric cases as well. We can help you decide the best method of transportation. Our medical director assigns the right flight staff, their education and training, quality management and reviewing the newly implemented policies. The medical staff and neonatal air ambulance is equipped with isolette with thermoregulation temperature control, monitor with invasive capabilities, ventilator, and syringe IV pumps.

24/7 Patient Care

SAS Air Ambulance operates a 24/7 dedicated Communication Center. The staff serves as a resource to patients, family members and case managers and are well experienced in the logistics that are involved within our Air Ambulance Operations. Best of all, they are real people who can help you through this process.

All of SAS Air Ambulance’s inbound calls are routed through our 24/7 Communications Center. Once a flight has been requested, our availability and timeline are secured and coordinated directly with the customer/requestor. Once a mission is confirmed, our medical triage coordinator will complete a pre-flight assessment of the patient and determine that he or she is “fit for fly.”

All planes and crews are monitored 24/7 when on a mission. This means we provide real-time updates to families and sending and receiving facilities during the transport.

SAS Air Ambulance Medical Transfer Services offers medical escort and medical emergency flights for patients in need of assistance on a pre-booked commercial flight. We provide medical emergency flights and medical escort throughout Bahrain, Qatar, SAS Air Ambulance and globally. The Medical Escort can be a nurse or specialist as per the requirement, who accompanies the patient to provide critical care during her / his Medical Transportation. SAS Air Ambulance medical escort carries basic medical supplies and equipment to administer medical treatment, medication, or to observe the patient vitals.

However, it must be stressed that this service provides a reduced level of medical care for the patient and will only be considered for non-serious cases. Our Medical Escort will accompany the patient in the scheduled seats provided for normal passengers. The assistance and medical care provided will be basic and is only intended to ensure the comfort of the patient. This service is certainly not for seriously ill or critical patients.

SAS Air Ambulance also assist our clients in Flight booking and Ground Transportation Booking

Experienced Flight Crews

Our standard air medical flight crew consists of a critical care flight nurse and a paramedic all with critical care capability and experience. Medical Flight physicians are available when required. All the aircrafts we use are equipped to provide intensive care and critical care (ICU/CCU) services, including Advanced Life Support (ALS).

SAS Air Ambulance use medical staff members who consistently maintain current licenses that meet authoritative regulations. Medical emergency flight crew members are required to have BLS, ACLS, PALS along with a minimum of five years critical care experience. We also use Registered Nurses who hold advanced certifications in CCRN, CFRN, and CEN, Air medical nurses and respiratory therapists with an average of more than 20 years of patient care experience in their field, Neonatal specialty team members with a minimum of five years’ experience in neonatal intensive care units / transport and are certified in Neonatal Resuscitation Provider (NRP). Additionally, our team members hold specialty certifications such as certified neonatal pediatric transport (C-NPT) and Neonatal Pediatric Specialist (RRT-NPS). All of our networked employees go through extensive background screening processes. Working with our Human Resources department, a bonded outside agency performs an extensive screening for all our applicants covering federal, state, and county criminal records Commercial Flight with Stretcher Facility

SAS Air Ambulance Patient Transport Services

For emergency and non-emergency patient transport services, SAS Air Ambulance provides commercial flight with stretcher facility within Bahrain, Oman, SAS Air Ambulance and various parts of the world. Through our network of International Commercial Airlines, it is possible to transport patients that qualify, and are stable enough to fly, utilizing our commercial stretcher service. Stretcher Service convert an allocated space in the commercial flight into an advanced air ambulance setting to provide comfort, ease, and medical care to the patient. Commercial airline stretcher service can save thousands of dollars compared to a private air ambulance and the patient receives expert medical attention. We arrange for a block of seats to be removed from the aircraft, install an FAA approved airline stretcher with a privacy curtain and provide the proper medical team to care for the patient. Family or companions can fly along with the patient and be by their side. We have made it our mission to provide best patient transport services that are safe, comfortable, and stress-free as possible for patients and loved ones alike, throughout Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, SAS Air Ambulance and across the world.

Commercial Stretcher Service is not available for transfers within the country of origin, but is a good option for long international transfers from Asia to North America or Europe to North America. There are very specific guidelines and numerous restrictions involved and therefore each case is carefully and individually assessed.Eligibility is determined by our Medical Director who operates in association with the Medical Department of the chosen airline.

Our ICU/CCU Aero-medically trained personnel all specialize in critical care transports and bring with them any necessary emergency equipment, including but not limited to: cardiac monitor, defibrillator, IV pumps, Transport ventilators, oxygen and saturation monitor, emergency medication, etc.

Cases requiring uplift of additional oxygen cylinders also will be taken care and the necessary arrangements will be made inside the airlines. Additional therapeutic oxygen will be provided if required. Elite cylinders supplying oxygen on demand are available on some of the networked flights with Boeing 777 and Airbus 330 aircraft.

SAS Air Ambulance uses the medical equipments that are battery operated (dry, non-spillable, sealed batteries only) and that does not need to be recharged in-flight (no recharging facilities are available onboard. SAS Air Ambulance Medical Equipments will not emit any electromagnetic radiation which could interfere with the communication/navigation of the aircraft or aircraft equipment. SAS Air Ambulance teams also make sure to carry additional batteries, if required.

SAS Air Ambulance will provide, arrange and coordinate the entire Commercial Stretcher transfer which includes

Discussion with treating physician

  • Obtain Medical Report and Fit to Fly certificate from the Health Care Facility
  • Obtain REQUIRED airline medical clearance
  • Booking of stretcher installation, and tickets for family or companions
  • Arrange and provide all ground transportation
  • Coordinate the transfer with the attending and receiving facility
  • Arrange for the proper medical team, equipment and supplies
  • Coordinate the entire transfer and update the family as it progresses